Rental Data Bureau is happy to provide this section dedicated to answering some of the most popular questions and laying to rest most of the disinformation.

 So what is Rental Data Bureau?
A service that helps renters locate suitable landlords

What is a “suitable landlord"?
A landlord offering a rental which matches the renter’s search preferences in 5 categories

What are the categories?
(1) Area, (2) Size, (3) Price Range , (4) Dwelling Type, (5) Pets

Will I receive listings by email?
No. Email is less reliable & may be blocked or deemed spam by large providers ie, Hotmail, Gmail, Comcast

How do I access the rental information?
Over the internet 24-7 through a private web page

Why through a private web page?
The private web page is pre-programmed to only display Landlord ads which meet your preferences

How are the ads displayed?
Ads are standardized in rows and columns like a spreadsheet, displayed in order of most recent date

What about mapping?
All addressed rental properties contain links to Google Maps with driving directions

How do I apply to rent the property?
Landlord contact information is provided with each advertisement

Can I download the rental data?
Yes. You can instantly download all listings which meet your preferences to Microsoft Excel or a database application

What does it cost?
$1 to setup the private web page, and define search preferences, plus $19 per month to keep it active

What is the advantage of keeping it active?
New rentals come and go daily and your web page is updated every weekday with those changes

What else can I do on my private web page?
Change your preferences, send us email and cancel the account

Is there anything else?
You will also find change of address and start new service links for DMV, PGE, NW Natural Gas, Verizon and Qwest on your private web page.



If you have other questions, please call us.  We are happy to take your calls.