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We will gladly accept your comments for consideration and publication on this page.    

Thank you very much, again.  We found exactly what we were looking for in a rental house in just about no time at all.  Within 48 hours we signed the lease.  So we will continue recommending Rental Data to our friends.  Scott 10/1/13

Thank you for the great service.  My wife and I found a property to rent with the help of your listings.  Thank YOU!!!  We would like to cancel our membership to rental data.   Mike S. 07/10/13

I was in such a hurry at work the other day, when I called to cancel my subscription, I didn't get have the opportunity to share how wonderful your service is!   When my husband and I moved from Central OR to the Portland area, we had looked for rentals using the newspaper, ads etc. and after a month, had not yet located a home.  Three days after subscribing to your service, we located a rental.  The process was so easy and efficient!  The same was true this time, when we were searching on behalf of my sister and mother. Thank you so much for creating such a comprehensive and efficient way to search for rentals!  Lisa T. 06/27/2011

To sum up your service is awesome. I love it and have been using it on and off since it was a pay for fax service, probably more than 10 years and I do recommend it to anyone I know needing to find a rental. Rebecca W 11/17/10

I was emailing you to cancel my subscription to rental data. Thank you very much for the service, it came in handy. Dax 03/17/10

We are now buying a house & no longer need your service. We have used you several times in the past & loved your services. It helped us find rentals easily. Thank you  Kristiana Wilsonville 03/17/10

I have great news!!! My husband and I found the PERFECT house for us and our dogs using your site in Lake Oswego.  I want to be sure to cancel my account with you so that I don't have to pay for another month. Thanks for your great site. Joanna 02/02/10

I was able to find a house through your service and entered into a long term lease. Thank you. Amy Beaverton 01/22/10

Dear Rental Data, I have thoroughly enjoyed your service. My husband and I found the perfect house...Thank you very much... It is now time for me to cancel my usage with Rental Data....I would definitely recommend you to others. KA Gresham OR 9/23/09

Please cancel my service. By the way, your service was very useful in helping us find a place to live.  
   PB Sebastopol CA 07/20/09

I was very satisfied with the Rental Data service.  I think it is a great tool for people who work and have a busy life, and don't have time to search for a rental themselves. Andrea, 03/18/09

Could you please cancel my membership-I have found a new home!! Thank you so much for such a great site!! Heather, 10/02/08

You guys definitely have the most listings around.  Kyle, 8/11/08

Thank you very much for the service you provided. We could never have found a place without it. Your service helped us to wade through what would have been insurmountable odds.  Melody & Jim Rathdrum, ID

Hi, Wanted to notify you that the web ad worked----Great Job! Thanks again. John & Kate Beaverton OR 

We have moved into a new rental unit...and, hopefully, will not be moving again for 5 years. Thank you for the use of service. I will be happy to recommend it to anyone that I know who is anticipating a move. Margaret 

I will no longer be needing your service, I found a great house through you.  I received prompt responses to my questions and found your service to be #1. Thanks. Richard 

Thank you for such a quick response. I have managed people and programs for over 17 years now and your customer service is far above my expectations, I truly appreciate working with your service and will recommend to anyone that they contact you first before any other service of this kind. Dean 

Thank you so much for your help over the phone. I am so glad I found your web site. My home search has not been going well up to this point but I'm sure it will turn around now. Once again THANK YOU!!!  RK 

I would like to cancel my subscription. You have helped me tremendously. Thank you. Nathan C.

To Customer Service,
I was pleased  with the information rental-data provided me. I have found a place to rent & no longer need your service.  Thank you,

Dear Sir/Madam,
Please cancel my subscription with your organization. My needs have been fulfilled through your company. Thank you. Best Regards,

Hello, I would like to cancel our membership. We found a home and are thrilled with the service. Thank you so much for all your work!!! Thanks again. SK, Monmouth, OR

Hello there,  we have decided that it isn't financially prudent to make our move at this time. I will surely be contacting you again in about a year, at which time we will be ready to try again. Thank you for your services. MN, Lansing, MI

I have found a house. Thank's for all your help. If I ever move again, I'll keep you in mind.  Rachel, Beaverton, OR

To whom it may concern, we have found a new home and no longer need to search for a rental. We appreciated your service in helping us find our home. Thank you, David & Rita 

I would like to cancel my subscription to rental-data. I appreciate the service but no longer need it. Thanks ! Todd, Portland, OR

We wish at this time to cancel our monthly subscription with your service and to thank you for your assistance in locating our new home.
Donald & Perri, La Grande, OR

Thank you very much for your service, it was very helpful. I found a place right away! Freedom,  Vancouver WA

Thank you for your valuable service. We have found a perfect home. I will pass your name along to anyone looking for a rental. Thank you again.  Kay, Cornelius, OR

Thank you very much. I found my house through your service. 

Greta, address withheld

Thank you for you're services, it worked, we rented a house in Portland, Oregon from Salt Lake City, Utah without much effort after getting you're first set of listings...Thanks again 
Guy, Salt Lake City, UT

"We rented a duplex within 4 hours of having your report.  It provided us with everything we were looking for.  It saved us hundreds of dollars because we didn't have to make a second trip to Portland and it saved us many hours by helping us narrow our search to what we needed and could afford.  Thanks for your service. We will definitely tell others of your service and our satisfaction with it."
Ron & Barb, Payette ID

"Hey! Pretty kewl service.. Especially the customer service received on the telephone.  The people I spoke w/ were extremely friendly, cooperative, and helpful! ... Very nice job!!!"
Luke Chandler, Portland OR

Before Rental Data, I had read newspapers, checked online classifieds and called Property Managers out of the phone books... after Rental Data, I had a larger selection and found a home within 7 days."
R. Klein, address withheld 

"You guys are much better than Property Managers!"
Ralph Coles, Albuquerque NM

"Rental Data is more convenient and easier than reading newspapers and searching on my own."
A. Silva, Stayton OR

"We found more rentals with Rental Data than with all other sources we checked combined"
T. & A. Conners, Gladstone

"I found a rental from the first report... the fee I paid was definitely worth the value."
Pam Herman, Portland OR

"Thank you very much for your help.  If I didn't subscribe to Rental Data, I don't think I would have found a new home so quickly"
Connie Premo, Portland OR

"This report is really cool.  I work for a mapping and GIS software company, data is fun."
C. Lewis, Olympia WA

"Just wanted to mention that this [special] format worked out great, first time.  I'm a happy customer! Thanks."
D. Lauby, Portland OR

"Your service has been wonderful and I thank you for all the information."
R. Sullivan, Beaverton OR

"Thank you for all your help, Rob. You Rock. Happy Holidays to you and yours..."
A. Knapp, Portland OR 

"You have been so terrific... providing excellent service when we needed it most. We really appreciate you! Thanks so much!"

R. Galster, Beaverton OR

"Thank you. thank you. The data was wonderful and excellent timing."

P. Kutnyak, Portland OR

"Thanks for all your help, Rental Data has worked well for us and we will to continue to use them and recommend them to all we know."
K. Holicky & M. Lewis, Oregon City OR